shazam! i'm matt ruby. Matt Ruby i live in brooklyn (chicago before that). i say things, make stuff, and carbonate my own club soda. if you're curious to learn more, read on.     ¶     comedy i am a standup comedian. i've performed around the country and have been featured on MTV, SxSW, Gawker, and was a "joke of the year" nominee in Time Out NY. FNMTV sandpaper suit is my blog about the art of comedy.     ¶     music i also make music (i sing, write songs, play guitar and other instruments). i was the frontman in a rock band called plastics hi-fi. plastics hi-fi (this album was our best and was #1 in someone's heart.) that was back in my chicago days. after we split, i recorded a solo album and then moved on to ruby lament, an electronic project. RL recently, i've been writing some new solo songs that are simple.     ¶     photography i shoot photos of people melissa2, places 4, and things IMG_8352.jpg. my fave photos are travel shots from backpacking adventures 16.      ¶     still with me? onward! tech also, i'm a tech guy filmmaker/writer who produces online video content. before that, i was the first employee at 37signals barack and 37s where i co-authored books including REWORK, a NYT bestseller back cover.     ¶     people i think a lot of people suck. but i also think there are some who rock and rule rock and rule. topping the list: my mom and dad Underwater mom and dad (she passed in 2006, here's her story). david bowie bowie. carl jung. vladimir nabokov. mark rothko Mark Rothko Untitled 1949. the beatles (#1 john, #2 george, #3 ringo, #4 paul...suck it, paul! ok ok, he's not that bad, but still.). leonard cohen. howard stern. raymond carver. bob dylan. louis ck. johnny cash. peter sellers sellers. thomas jefferson ("a little rebellion now and then is a good thing"). jimmy page. joseph campbell. steve jobs. richard scarry busy world. aldous huxley. also: tom petty. charlie rose. george hurrell. wayne coyne. paul f. tompkins. nick park. walker percy. tamara lyons. billie holliday. kurt vonnegut. jack white. marc chagall. marvin gaye. robert rauschenberg. party cat! & tons more but at least that's a taste. & though lots of fancy names appear above, truth is i've learned more from my friends than anyone else.     ¶     unsolicited advice. remember the difference between pixels on a screen and actual experiences. beware of unworthy sirens. put up a fight. fight live and flow and experience things that are real. lavish your soul. 'cuz you'll die someday. don't be sad or scared about that. just keep it in mind.     ¶     phew, we made it! thanks for reading. you can also follow me on Twitter or email me at